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MDDUS is a mutual organisation providing healthcare professionals across the UK with access to indemnity, assistance and support.


Essential new product for GPs in England and Wales

MDDUS' General Practice Protection (GPP) membership provides GPs working within the NHS in England and Wales with a range of essential benefits that are not included in the state-backed indemnity schemes, CNSGP and GMPI.

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Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice - update

The UK Government introduced a Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) in England and General Medical Practice Indemnity (GMPI) in Wales in April 2019.

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Advice and support when you need it

MDDUS provides access to some of the UK's most experienced experts in the medico- and dento-legal fields. They understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. They’re here to help you deal with difficult situations efficiently and expertly.


Our medical advisory team is made up of doctors and practice managers with specialist medico-legal experience. They are available to provide advice and support 24/7. 

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Our dental advisory team are all dentists with specialist dento-legal experience, providing members with 24-hour advice and support.

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Resources for healthcare professionals

Our resource library offers a wide range of information on legal, regulatory and clinical risk, as well as news, features and case studies. Read some of our recent articles or click below to browse all resources.

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